Author and illustrator

Serina Adham


Freaky Kiki

Lulu's Ballalam Bam Bam Grooves

    Have you ever heard of a giraffe who could climb a tree? Or one who loves reading scary monster books? Kiki loves doing this and more. In fact, Kiki loves trying out all sorts of things that make her different to the other giraffes and she doesn’t mind that they call her names behind her back. One day, another giraffe named Layli asks Kiki if she doesn’t mind being ridiculed by the others. Kiki’s response is surprising and might just lead to Layli trying something new and adventurous for herself. Freaky Kiki is a fun and educational book for young children which carries an important message of acceptance and understanding that is essential to learn. Young children will love the story and accompanying images and it is sure to become a firm bedtime favorite for children and adults alike.

   There is nothing Lulu loves more than dancing by herself. With each new song, she practices the “Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves.” She slides her feet, claps her hands, and bumps her hips against a tree trunk. There is just one problem. Lulu is a gorilla! When she stamps her feet and shakes the trees, she ends up disturbing all the other animals in her jungle home. Poor Squin Squirrel cannot even sip his nut tea without Lulu's dancing rattling his tree home. Squin and the other animals try to tell Lulu that her dancing is disruptive, but they cannot get through to the gorilla. Then, Lulu's loud music and dancing ends up waking up the mighty king of the jungle. The angry lion Jhawfors then confronts Lulu with the problem. Will the animals be able to find a compromise? This rhyming children’s tale imparts valuable lessons to young readers. Lulu does not want to stop doing what she loves, but she needs to understand that her actions affect others. Through Lulu, children will learn the importance of respect, compassion, and compromise.




Author Visit

Rochester Elementary British Columbia

Ms. Stuarts Grade 2 Class 

Book Signing at Indigo Book store

        North Vancouver BC

Thank you to everyone that showed up for my book launch of Freaky Kiki, it was a great day and I am grateful for all your support.

Book signing at Indigo book store on Granville st.

                       Vancouver BC

Fantastic turn out it was a lovely day, thank you to all who joined me on this exciting day. I hope you enjoy reading Lulu's Ballalam Bam Bam Grooves




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